Photography has fascinated me for as long as I can remember.  I believe my very first picture was taken when I was twelve years old on a trip with my sister and parents to Niagara Falls.  The image was captured using my father's Kodak with the built in flash reflector on the front into which you had to insert a new bulb with each use.  

Many years later after leaving college I worked with a creative photographer in the Upper Valley region of New Hampshire.  We specialized in architectural and catalog photography.  After several hundred hours in the darkroom I started assisting on off-site photo shoots, managing lighting and sets.  The economy changed and so did commercial photography in New Hampshire and I reluctantly moved on.

Many decades have passed since taking that first shot.  Hundreds of thousands of miles have been traveled, many, unfortunately, without a camera. 

Currently my weekdays are spent riding a desk.  My morning and evening commutes are often the source of many of my images.  Weekends are frequently spent seeking new sites and vantage points.   My goal is to create images others will find enlightening, enjoyable and something they may want on a wall or side table in their homes or offices.

Spend some time reviewing the images in my galleries.  Check back often for new images.  Being a resident of New Hampshire (USA) and having an aversion to numbing cold, my more photographically prolific seasons are "non-snow" seasons.  Though winter provides an incredible palette, many early winter New England days are overcast and gray resulting in flat, lifeless images.  I tend to spend these sun-less days near the wood stove weeding through and editing the back inventory of images.


A WORD ABOUT THIS SITE:  Scrolling down from the Home page will bring you to teaser pages with button links to the various galleries.  Within each gallery you can click on the individual images to see a full screen version.  At the top of each gallery header is a button you can select if you are interested in purchasing an image for any number of uses.  I have partnered with Fine Art America (FAA) to produce professional archival prints available on many different substrates and media, framed, matted or unframed prints.  You can also order coffee mugs, phone covers, tote bags, beach towels, etc.  All products carry a satisfaction guarantee from FAA and usually ship in 2-3 days.